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Legal skills training in Kiribati

Assisting developing bars support the legal profession is an important part of building a stable justice sector. As part of a CAPPB-facilitated project, fledgling peak legal body the Kiribati Law Society was able to conduct its first continuing legal education event on 3-6 February 2014.
Three trainers from National Legal Aid, Australia delivered the four-day workshop, focusing on ethics, advocacy and court etiquette. The approximately 30 participants represented a cross section of  the profession in Kiribati,  including prosecutors, lawyers from the Office of the People's Lawyer, private practitioners, magistrates (including lay magistrates), lawyers from the Attorney-General's office as well as staff from the High Court and NGOs.  
Following the workshop, the trainers and attendees took part in the Opening of the Legal Year ceremony on Tarawa Island.
The CAPPB would like to thank the efforts of Louise Smith, Director, National Legal Aid Australia, Sister Bernadette Eberi, President, Kiribati Law Society and Andrea Hadaway, former People’s Lawyer, Kiribati for initiating and organising the training.